You Know Deena Duos? She’s A Topheavy Teaser

You Know Deena Duos? That babe is A Topheavy Teaser

SCORE mag veterans will immediately remember Deena Duos, one of the original SCORE Cuties when the mega-boobed feature exotic dancers ruled the breasty world. Deena first took a bow in November ’92 SCORE in a girl-girl with bosomy bodybuilder Lacey Legends in the desert outside Palm Springs, California. Originally from Brooklyn, New York and then Florida, Deena‘s living in Las Vegas those days, the consummate city for an entertainer who measures 43-24-36 and wears 36HHH bras. Deena hadn’t modeled for the digital camera in a few years and made a comeback starting in the July ’07 SCORE. “It’s very specific to be back in SCORE. I had stepped without modeling for a during the time that ‘coz I had put on tons of weight. I was a nurse in nursing homes. It was very rewarding. The families were wonderful, and the patients loved me. It means everything to me to get back and do what I love to do for the fellows who appreciate a stylish body. I’m overwhelmed to be here. Being a SCORE Beauty anew is a dream come true. Make no doubt of it or not, I always think other hotty’s look greater than me. I do not know why. I’ll see a female with D-cups, and I’ll think she is as large as me, and the people with me will go, ‘No way!’ Or I’ll look at myself and see a dominatrix-bitch with regular-sized meatballs. I don’t see myself as mountainous.”

You Know Deena Duos? This babe is A Topheavy Teaser