XL Girls SP146: 40 Photos of Keama Kim

XL Beauties SP146: 40 Pix of Keama Kim

That’s a very sexy costume Keama’s gonna open up and take off. Her underwear is very hot also. Her mangos look great in that undergarment, very uplifted. That babe says that babe loves tattoos on piercings on a boy and that’s how a lad can attract her attention. But Keama says she doesn’t date. “I’ve not at any time been on one,” this babe told. A cutie that doesn’t date? Keama didn’t come into detail. Maybe she meant she’s bigger amount into drooping out than the formal dinner and a movie routine? The funniest pick-up line a boy ever said to her was “You have the Hummer of all breasts.” Not bad for cheesy pick-up approaches.


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