Xene’s Mounds Of Joy

Xene's Breasts Of Joy

One of the great “mega-busters,” Lilli Xene (pronounced Zen-ay) had supersized jugs that placed her in the upper-stratosphere of boob expansion. She is like an Otis Sweat or Duncan Gutteridge cartoon come to life. Lilli too has a rump good of wazoo worshipping and you will watch it in this SCORE Clip. Lilli once told a SCORE editor that this babe didn’t truly know exactly how large her bouncy bosoms were. “I do not know what my bust size is. The people at the dance clubs have been billing me at 88HHH. To be honest, I do not really know my actual bust size but I do wear an H-cup brassiere. It’s one of these indeed large ones. I could not even tell you because I must get them custom made. The rest of my measurements are 24-36.” Careful measuring revealed a bustline of 45 inches. Most breathtaking!

Xene's Bumpers Of Joy


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