Voluptuous September 2007: 40 Photos of Jessie Lee

Voluptuous September 2007: Fourty Fotos of Jessie TERRY

Before Jessie got into men’s mag modeling, this babe was a nurse. Coz of that experience, that babe knows her way around a dude’s meat-thermometer and balls. Her father is Chinese and her Mamma is German so she’s inherited exotic, Eurasian features. Her favorite way to satisfy a skirt chaser is with cocksucking. (Jessie calls them “throat blow-ups.”) This is the first time that babe is made it with a fellow during the time that a cameraman rolled yet Jessie was not nervous at all, just insane to please and yielding. That babe appeared to be to acquire off looking at the digital camera a lot with strapon in her vagina. Did that babe like the experience? “I just let myself be trained by my hubby,” said Jessie. “He guided me and told me what to do. I’m very constricted but his ramrod felt nice in me. I am a passive girl and I don’t have a lot of experience at home in Germany so I wanted to obey his directions. This kind of sex for pix is not like the kind of sex I’ve with a ally. I felt like I should not be doing it. That made it bigger in size quantity thrilling to me and made me wish to do it greater quantity.” It looks like anything came out ok judging by the closing pictures.

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