Voluptuous March 2008: 70 Photos of Miranda

Voluptuous March 2008: 70 Fotos of Miranda

Miranda hooks up with this petticoat chaser for an erotic travel de power! Miranda doesn’t make no doubt of that a female has to be played. This lady-killer has to like me and I need to like him. U have to have the feeling. I don’t like when the smooth operator goes out and he’s just interested to fuck u. Just to have sex, and then this gent says “I love you” just to fuck u. I don’t think that’s worthy. I do not think that a man should come up to a woman and say, “I wanna shag u,” but it’s bigger quantity extraordinary than telling her that u love her when don’t mean it and that babe knows u don’t mean it. I do not need a lady-killer to tell me this smooth operator likes me if he doesn’t. I mean, I’ve just met him. How does that smooth operator know this lady-killer likes me? He doesn’t even know me! Everyone thinks Italians are Latin lovers, but I suppose they’re fake, like actors. American studs are bigger amount honest. If they wanna bonk you, they say they wanna copulate you. I like that. Italian bucks won’t just say it. They wanna bonk you, but they need to say, “Oh, I love u, you’re so fetching,” and other crap. I like the American way much larger amount astonishing. I do not like the bullshit. It is better when a woman chaser is direct.

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