Voluptuous March 2008: 50 Photos of Kerry Marie

Voluptuous March 2008: Fifty Fotos of Kerry Marie

Kerry has a heart-on. In fact, that babe has 3 of them in the opening pics of this photo-shoot. Those stickies cover her nipples and fur pie but do not worry. She peels them off quickly. What does Kerry check out on TV? Her all-time much loved TV shows are The Office (the British version), Sex In The Town (she’s waiting for the episode version to come out) and Allies. This babe likes Jackass and indeed thinks ANTHONY Knoxville is nifty. Surprising, is it? “I make friends with lads greater amount than girls because I love most of all a guy’s company. But then the studs who are my friends will get a recent girlfriend, and she’ll receive all funny. And I am like, ‘God, I don’t wanna be with your gent. I’m just talking to him.’ It can be a pang sometimes. I think gals feel threatened by me. They shouldn’t!” Jealousy from other honey bunnys is to be expected, Kerry. Some things are not always understood, Kerry. And maybe it is bigger in size amount excellent this way.

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