Voluptuous June 2007: 40 Photos of Anna Song

Voluptuous June 2007: Fourty Photos of Anna Song

Congrats, Anna! Voted the beauty almost all of us would like to do vodka body shots with as well as voted V-Mag Apprentice of the Year for 2006. There was some minor debate by a not many stern breast-men over whether Anna is just likewise slender for the Voluptuous category. The voting results bring a close to this question. “I’ve read letters that stupidly criticized her for being too skinny for Voluptuous, but I need to disagree,” says an irritated J.E. “Like many, I truly prefer chicks like Sapphire who have larger amount meat on their bones. But having said that, models like Anna of course belong both in Voluptuous and in SCORE. Voluptuous is supposed to be mainly about big, all-natural zeppelins and Anna qualifies without a doubt!” In this photo discharge, Anna wears a top that would cause rioting in the streets if this babe ever wore it outside.


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