Voluptuous July 2007: 50 Photos of Devyn Devine

Voluptuous July 2007: Fifty Fotos of Devyn Devine

Short and stacked with boob meat to spare, Devyn and Kerra got on well. They likewise got it in well, and unfathomable. Every has her own feelings about breast play. “I usually do not get off when dudes are pounding rock hard on my melons or squeezing or pinching them really hard,” says Kerra. “Just do it kindly and nicely to my areolas. Rubdown ’em. I’m kind of sensitive under my knockers as well, so just moving your hands back and forth under my love melons feels actually precious. That gets me off.” Devyn says: “I’ve not ever met a ladies man who didn’t go for my mammaries 1st. I am not a big nipple goddess, so you should at not time go str8 for my nipps. U should always go for around the out side. And do not at any time forget the underside. And then you go lazily. U need to have something to build up to. And then you can acquire a little rougher and use your teeth.” Here they get a chance to savour what some other gal can do for ’em.


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