Voluptuous July 2007: 40 Photos of Ivy

Voluptuous July 2007: Fourty Pix of Ivy

Numerous girls are on K.S.’s list of favourite bra-busters. Ivy is one of ’em. We do not blame him. “I’ve had a crush on Ivy for about a year now. Other than the fact that she is easily got one of the almost all hot-buttered bodies I can recall ever having appeared in any Voluptuous issue, there is a certain quality about her that makes me absolutely melt. I’ve sold myself on the notion that if I had just one chance to meet her I’d say all the right words, at just the right time and she’d be all mine. Since it’s my fantasy, I am still holding out hope that I’ll get the chance someday. Avoid laughing. It could happen.” You at not time know where life will take a guy, K. Receive to Rochester, Recent York often? That’s Ivy’s town.


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