Voluptuous February 2007: 60 images of Leah Jayne

V-Man is in the mood to celebrate. It’s not precious for a dude to be alone on his birthday. And what better way to celebrate than to telephone a Strip-O-Gram agency and dictate a big-busted playtoy? Is there everything larger quantity lovely? So V-Man decides to treat himself. After all, what the fuck are we here for? Even though that ladies man anticipates a good evening, he’s beyond ecstatic when pure sex-on-heels Leah Jayne knocks at the door dressed as a nurse! Now this is the real meaning of health care. Those titanic breasts have provided relief to many sufferers. They’re made by nature to be banged and Leah is so accomodating, it makes you wanna cry man-tears of fun. There’re hotty’s and there’re man-pleasers. It’s a no-brainer what category Leah belongs to.

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