Voluptuous August 2007: 40 Photos of Anastasia

Voluptuous August 2007: 40 Pix of Anastasia

The Czechia actually does seem to be a mecca for wild, big breasted angels. After seeing her sex scene in Cock Drainers, Anastasia convinced us that she’s very hawt in sofa. On the slim-n-stacked side of Voluptuous, Anastasia is the kind of man-pleasing gal one would gladly forego a pre-nup agreement with. Her prefered nightclub is Bombay, a music bar near the Mature City Square in Prague. There that babe might be detected sipping pina coladas with her girlfriends. If there is lots of girls that look like Anastasia in Prague, it acquire to be a admirable town to live in. Her hobbies are horse riding and lap dancing. Her prefered TV brandish is Sex In The City, that babe likes to listen to Pink RODNEY and her favorite color is pink. What a coincidence, that is our beloved color too. Her much loved tour spot is Miami, Florida. Another coincidence. Maybe one day she’ll bounce back over to the SCORE studio.

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