Victoria Lobov: Looker & The Fun bags

Victoria Lobov: Looker & The Bumpers

Victoria Lobov: Dish & The Breasts

When guys watch Victoria Lobov in a public place, they instantly acquire boob-drunk. The bolder lads try to chat her up. They see her, they go nuts. We watch her, we go nuts, likewise. As easy as that. She hears it all. The comments that breasty, captivating women hear could fill a book. Now there is an idea for a magazine article.

“At the supermarket, they ask me about the calorie content of a cereal box at a store,” Victoria told. “One time a lad asked if that dude could be my bodyguard for the night. At the airport, they ask me if our gate has changed. How am I supposed to know that? Males commence following me down the aisle in the store. Now I try to costume more modest when I go out. Before, I didn’t need to worry about it coz there wasn’t that much on my chest.

“Sometimes I prefer to go with my partner. In a rural area love ours, people are especially sensitive, and they don’t see much, I guess. The boyz in overalls and the cowboys, they acquire really lustful. They stumble when they try to say smth. They action love they’re looking for something.”

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