The Nice & Taut Rubber World of Merilyn Sakova

The Fine & Taut Rubber World of Merilyn Sakova

The Admirable & Tight Rubber World of Merilyn Sakova

Merilyn Sakova has cos-played many roles in her shows: Nurse, cop, bar maid, bride and more. In this scene, Merilyn explored kinky fetish garments made of thin rubber. The people who regularly live this fetish are called rubberists. Merilyn looked very lewd, judging by her expressions and words of approval as she put the clothing on.

Merilyn powders her in nature’s garb body with talc so the constricted rubber briefs, long gloves and garter will slip on easier. That babe pours greasy oil on herself one time she is got her kinky outfit on, then wraps a sheet of plastic cling film around her humongous breasts. For her rubber show finale, Merilyn rips the film off her bazookas. Nothing can restrain her from busting out.

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