The Girl Behind The Boobs

The Cutie Behind The Boobs

Jolie Rain talks scones in this pow-wow with an editor from May ’09 V-Mag: “When I was in high school bartending, there was this one handsome girl. Her name was Lindsay. Her boyfriend was there, talking with boyz and playing movie scene poker. Lindsay and I started having this enchanting conversation about children’s books, like Dr. Seuss. During the talk, this babe said me that she thought I was actually gorgeous, and I said her that I felt the same about her. At the end of the night, she had hung around after hours, her husband was still there and he said, ‘Wow, u lads are still talking?’ And I was like, ‘Hey, do you wanna mess with him?’ That babe told, ‘Absolutely.’ So I said, ‘Oh, your knockers are so large. Can I please watch ’em? I’ll reveal u mine.’ Within minutes, we had like eight fellows watching us kiss and feel every other’s mambos. Then that babe told, ‘Me and my partner have to go. We must receive with out here.’ I asked ’em if I could come home with them and they said ‘Absolutely!’ So we went back to their place and played Twister!”

The Hotty Behind The Boobs

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