Svetlana Kozlov – Butt-Lovin’ Paramour

Butt-Lovin’ Lover

Butt-Lovin' Lover

Studs, give a hearty welcome back to Svetlana, a nice-looking goddess with a like of anal. “I’ve always been actually into butt-sex. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been diddling myself on the front and on the back at the same time. I grew up in a glamorous conservative household that not at all discussed sex, so when the time came for me to hook-up with dudes I had no idea it was aberrant. My first boyfriend certainly didn’t tell me, either! This petticoat chaser was getting anal just as much as bawdy cleft! Now I’ve calmed down a bit and don’t give up my anus for just someone. I make bucks work for it. I have discovered that if I let them think that they’re convincing me to try it, then they take more pride and acquire more satisfaction without screwing my wazoo. I receive to have lied and said a dozen boys that they were my 1st. You’d think they’d figure it out when I am having orgasms left and right with their knobs in my arse. You don’t do that the very 1st time.”

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