Study Shag

Study Screw

Study Fuck

“I was on my way to go study when I met this boy in the elevator. That Lothario noticed my books and asked me if I could aid him study. I said him I could teach him a thing or 2. So we go back to his place, right. I was thinking, ‘fuck the books, I crave to engulf his meat-thermometer!’ I mean, did this boy truly urge to study? I didn’t wanna be too forward but it looked love I was plan to acquire to make a move. Fine thing I was not wearing any belts! I sat with my legs open so this lady-killer could acquire a admirable check out my in nature’s garb snatch. Everything just fell into place after that. That man started engulfing my whoppers and stroking my cookie, and I sucked his rod. It was so big I did not know if it would fit in my vagina. But it did, and it felt really worthy.”

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