Simone – Simone’s Treasure Trail

Simone’s Treasure Trail

Simone's Treasure Trail

“I’ve been growing out my bush for 3 months,” Simone told us. “My fiancée said me that this chap wanted to watch me with pubes. At first I was thinking I would grow out a little undress or something, but this charmer seemed frustrated by it. I couldn’t understand why this chab did not appear to be to savour licking with tongue me or fingering me. Then I was, well, I was snooping around on his PC. I detected his porn stash and it was filled with pix of king-size banging bushes. I decided to just let my hair go. As it grew longer, this Lothario seemed happier.”

“It’s taken a lengthy time to acquire used to having full belts! I’m sure you have noticed that my pubes have started to…crawl a little bit. It goes up to my navel. I’ve got a little bit of an obsession with midriff-baring shirts. For the 1st month or 2 of having visible hair, I would not wear everything that in nature’s garb it. Then, as I got more and more comfortable with having such a big bush and my spouse got happier and hornier around me, I just realized that I didn’t care what other people thought. It’s pleasure to defiance people’s expectations. I catch lads staring at my abdomen hair when they watch it in public. Some look disgusted, but others acquire that actually turned-on look on their faces. It’s nice to watch.”

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