She’s done it all. Now she does anal.

That babe is done it all. Now this babe does anal.

She's done it all. Now that babe does anal.

A slight in number things you might love to know about Angelique Foxx before u look at her bonk. Oh, u can not await, u say? Then come back afterwards and learn smth about her. It might make your next jack more fulfilling.

1st, she was born in Kansas and lives in Vancouver, Washington.

That babe has blond hair (you knew that) and green eyes (did you know that?). That babe enjoys reading, hiking, backpacking, camping and gourmet cooking.

What’s sexy to her? “So many things,” Angelique told. “The feel of warm hands on my body, dancing so close to every other, forgetting we’re not alone, the faint traces of a man’s cologne on a pillow or a shirt.”

The funniest pickup line a dude has ever laid on her: “Oh, lord, I’ve heard it all, from, ‘What’s your sign?’ to ‘Is this seat taken?’ but the one that amuses me the almost any is, ‘Heaven receive to be missing an goddess because there is one standing right here in front of me.'”

Crappy line.

“But it worked.”

Okay, great line.

This babe is into vintage underware and clothes, stiletto heels, boots and furs.

Her erotic fantasy: “A white, sandy beach, a cool ocean breeze, the sun setting while fucking on one of those hawt beach beds.”

And her kinkiest carnal encounter: “Having sex in a peep-show booth. One of my girlfriends was working, so my smooth operator and I decided to visit her. We ordered a big toy show, the curtain came up and she started fucking herself with a mountainous toy. We got so turned on, my guy lifted up my skirt and fucked me against the glass while I watched.”

Ok. Now check out her fuck.

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