Sheridan Adore – Sheridan’s Toy Tingler

Sheridan’s Toy Tingler

 Sheridan's Toy Tingler

She’s a baby-doll ravisher with large melons and a bubbly, bigger-than-life personality. Her figure is the template for an hourglass. Sheridan Adore is a busty toy lover. Sheridan’s bottom, like Daylene Rio’s rear-end, is also a booty-lover’s sex dream.

“I’m so pleasured of the way I look that I do not mind going out and flaunting it,” says Sheridan. The world’s a more astonishing place for it. The flaunting is a nice thing and even better when cuties do it at SCORELAND.

“If you’ve got it, expose it. I urge lads to look! I either need to have things that lace up or halter tops or an outfit with stretchy material, like this one. I’ve had big bra-busters since I was little, so you just kind of learn some of this stuff. For example, if I wore baggy T-shirts, u would think I’ve a large stomach coz my marangos stick out so far.”

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