Sha Rizel – Stunner Queen

Cutie Queen

Beauty Queen

Each inch of Sha Rizel’s incredible body is explored in “Beauty Queen.” There’re solely a slight handful of very slender gals with natural milk sacks that are so bigger than standard they defy the odds.

“I have been to Turkey and Egypt,” says Sha. “But I would love to go to the United States and visit SCORE in Miami.” Last year’s lavish spectacular in the Dominican Republic with Sha, Valory, Hitomi and Joana was the closest Sha came to the America. Sha and Valory Irene became close allies when they met final year.

Maybe one day Sha will visit SCORE in USA. “Hands down, Sha is the most-beautiful SCORE Goddess ever,” praises L.Q. “She is just magnificant in SCORE On Location.”

“I decide every day at the Health Exotic dancing club,” says Sha. She trains unyielding to stay fit and trim. “I do plenty of exercises for my wazoo and I lift weights. I wear shorts and leggings when I go for a workout. I acquire plenty of attention there. Guys stop training to view my wobblers.”

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