SCORE Theater: 33:20 Minute Video of Harmony Sweet

SCORE Theater: 33:20 Minute Video of Harmony Pleasing

Almost any high school co-eds need advice and guidance and Harmony Lovely is no exception to this rule. At SCORE U, those needs are understood and met. Harmony makes almost certainly of she’s the martyr of boob prejudice on campus. This babe feels she’s treated unfairly ‘cuz that babe has big titties. We have sadly encountered this attitude in advance of. In addition to this atrocity, Harmony’s idiot hubby has called her a lousy lay. The constrained co-ed goes to the office of the high school campus doctor, a skillful who solely urges to help. That petticoat chaser learns that Harmony is indeed a virgin who is hopeless to lose her cherry and has only given her partner head. The doctor have to use all of his skill and training to help Harmony. Fortunately, he has a lock on his office door. What you’re about to watch is a masterpiece of busty collegiate banging. Dripping Time: 33:20

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