SCORE Theater: 28 minute video of Paris Lorenz

A vital shipment of sex tools and other toys has arrived at SCORE headquarters in time for the annual Toys For Pantoons parade. Paris Lorenz, glamour model and part-time accountant, stops COREY the delivery fellow to identify out the shipment for inventory control or so that babe says. One time Paris sees one of the dildos, she’s seized with an uncontrollable crave to hold it in her greedy little hands. It is a good thing Paris doesn’t work in a nuclear force plant. This babe quickly realizes that merely real zipper-meat is intend to satisfy her physically, emotionally and psychologically. They receive so sexually excited and overheated that they hook-up right away in the hallway. Paris receives to working his 10-Pounder and balls like that babe just got out of a convent..

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