SCORE Theater: 26:03 Minute Video of Daphne Rosen

SCORE Theater: 26:03 Minute Episode of Daphne Rosen

Even when we met her a few years ago, SCORE knew Daphne had big things ahead of her. Now after sexologist Dr. Daphne’s guest appearance on SCOREtv clip 4, every television and magazine sexologist cant come close to her style and expertise. Daphne is a sexologist in training who puts ’em all to shame. This Big-Boob beauty knows what she’s talking about coz that babe does what that babe talks about and that babe does it on camera for everybody to relish. Every other accustomed sexologist (no names) is a poseur compared to Daphne. We expect to see her on all the major cable TV news stations giving sex advice, after this babe gets her PhD! Watch Daphne Rosen in Scoreland’s Hardcore Special.

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