SCORE Theater: 21:02 Minute Video of Gianna Rossi

SCORE Theater: 21:02 Minute Clip of Gianna Rossi

Gianna (likewise known as Gianna Michaels) puts this ladies man throughout his paces as that babe blows and rides his meat-thermometer with violent intensity and high energy. In her interview at SCORE, Gianna told about male and headmistress dominance: “It depends on my mood. I am a Gemini, so I’ve two sides. Sometimes I like to be dominating, and I like to be on top of the situation and just acquire mine. Fulfilling his needs as well, of course, but I desire it how I urge it. But other times, just take me any way u crave me. Soever u wanna do.” Gianna plays the one and the other Gemini roles here, bitch girl in control and tractable fuck slut. Check out that paddle!


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