SCORE Theater: 14:37 Minute Video of Jessie Lee

SCORE Theater: 14:37 Minute Episode of Jessie JOEL

Jessie Lee’s parents produced an exotic big boobed blend. Her Mother is German and her father is Chinese. Jessie, a café waitress in Germany, saw some of our German editions (called Hawt SCORE) and wrote to us. The letter, in part, read “I am interested in modeling for magazines and episodes. I do not know the first thing about how to do those things but I’m willing and skilled to do what u need.” The customers at Jessie’s restaurant, who she says are mostly older people, have no clue that that babe posed stripped with sextoys or ate the inflexible jock of this buck on video in Big-Boob Dick Rock. “Sometimes I am dying to tell ’em but that’s not realistic. Even the manager does not know. I guess when I quit this job, I will leave SCORE magazine in his office, opened to my fotos. Then this Lothario can watch what this chab missed.” Larger amount big-boobed waitresses should do what Jessie had the nerve to do and break out of the boring box they’re stuck in.

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