SCORE Theater: 14:07 Minute Video of Goldie Blair

SCORE Theater: 14:07 Minute Movie of Goldie Blair

Goldie Blair displays admirable opening technique here in her first SCORE knockers & tugs. That babe kneels, which suggests an eager-to-please personality. But beefy handiwork, not personality, is what earns a winning stroker her sticky prize. Goldie’s a righty, using that hand for the pistoning and stroking of your schlong. Note how her left hand massages your balls from an under-and-up movement. This babe skips any lube, greasy oil or spit. We do not have any data to support the theory that British girls love most of all giving dry handjobs but this is corroboration of that. She then shifts to placing the schlong between her mounds, and taking a good thrusting. Moaning often, Goldie is quiet except for the occasional comment, but the loss of points for that silence is balanced by added points for worthy direct eye contact. That babe gains extra points for lap dancing to total nudity and caressing her seize. Gripping the shaft in a woman-on-top position, this babe guides your sausage between her bazookas by moving her upper torso back and forth. That displays initiative and motivation. Once this babe gets a admirable rhythm going, this babe slides her body and fist at the same time. This JAY is obviously fit although this is not the time and place to discuss her workout routine. Goldie switches to a scissors position, always a real crowd pleaser. This enables her to grasp the shaft with both delicate yet strong hands and still keep ding-dong betwixt her mammaries. Things suddenly look shiny. No one has viewed any application of lubricant to jock or bosoms so we’re not sure how the judges will score this. However, Goldie redeems herself quickly by switching to a side position so you can watch her cunt whilst this babe is jacking you. This was an unexpected–and excellent–maneuver. Goldie may have practiced this move beforehand. Will she receive a point for urging you to drop your load on her milk sacks? U be the judge. See the pictures in Zeppelins & Tugs and do not forget to email your scores to with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest rating. Thank you for giving us a hand, Goldie Blair, and we’ll watch u again, maybe at a rubdown parlor one day…because u have a solid future as a masseuse. Running Time: 14:07

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