SCORE Theater: 13:46 Minute Video of Morgan Leigh

SCORE Theater: 13:46 Minute Video of Morgan Leigh

Score: Do chaps ask u questions about your milk shakes?
Morgan: Yeah, a lot of questions. How big are they? Can they feel ’em? They get me scads of attention.
Score: What’s it like going throughout airports?
Morgan: I try not to get noticed likewise much when I voyage. I’ve sufficient to deal with ‘coz I have a fear of flying. But, yeah, I get searched a lot, usually by vixens, though!
Score: Have you travelled to any foreign countries? How did the fellows react?

Morgan: I have been all over the world. Every charmer usually reacts the same: staring, talking, elbowing his allies, the ordinary “man think.”
Score: What SCORE glamour model do u think u would like to pose with the majority?

Morgan: Having modeled with one as well as the other Daphne Rosen and Danielle CHRISTOPHER at the Adult Movie scene Expo in Las Vegas in 2007, I would love to pose with one as well as the other of ’em again, but too it would be enjoyment to do something with one of the girls from the Boob Cruise in 2000, if they remembered me.
Score: We know they all do, wherever they are. Has having large milk sacks speeded up your life in average matters?
Morgan: Big wobblers have many advantages, too many to mention, but, yeah, gonna a bar, or having dinner in a restaurant are fine examples of how big milk sacks speed things up. My knockers are so big, I can knock people aside. That helps too! I call ’em my line crashers!

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