SCORE Studio: 75 Photos of Plenty Uptopp

SCORE Studio: 75 Images of Plenty Uptopp

Plenty UpTopp enjoys her partying and her wild oats. Give her a tall cocktail and a large, fuzzy hat and she’s willing to rock. “The kind of people who are drawn to me are a little bit out there,” Plenty admitted. “Full of life. I actually don’t think I attract the accountants of the world. Not that accountants aren’t phat, but I do not think they wanna come clubbing with me at four o’clock in the morning, either, ’cause they have day jobs. There have been a pair of dudes in my life who have not at all observed me at home. I do not know if they desire to hang out with me just being bashful and quiet.” Those seeking demure and quiet evenings listening to classical music and drinking hawt cocoa, look elsewhere.

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