SCORE October 2007: 60 Photos of Melissa Mandlikova

SCORE October 2007: 60 Fotos of Melissa Mandlikova

The 3rd bathing costume of this issue fits Melissa like a, well, like a taut, skimpy bikini should. It is Melissa’s second SCORE shoot in little under a year and her 3rd overall on Scoreland. The weather in Prague wasn’t admirable for bathing suit pictorials so we took Melissa over to a intimate indoor spa where this babe could stay warm, damp and nude in total comfort. Melissa is another of the angels who couldn’t join in on the bang in Eleuthera, Bahamas. That was disappointing but at least we still have these recent pics to drool over. What does the future hold? If the mountains cant come to SCORE, SCORE will come to the mountains. You men know we don’t sit around waiting!

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