SCORE November 2007: 50 Photos of Iva

SCORE November 2007: Fifty Fotos of Iva

“I am the wildest girl u will ever meet,” says Iva, in a way that is gratified yet Iva is not boasting or playing ego games. She’s matter of fact. Like many Czech gals, sex is natural and a ordinary part of life, nothing to hide or be ashamed of. “The other gals I know, Marketa and Veronika and some others, don’t come close to me in sex. I love to be screwed in my wazoo all the time and they are very shy gals about that. I am not shy with my gazoo. Give me 2 priceless strong fuckers in my wet crack and booty and I’m a very glad GORDON. Ines Cudna is the majority shy actress I know. I could train her lots of pleasure things if this babe wanted but we are far away from every other. If Ines were here now, I’d stick my tongue inside her slit as far as I could and and kiss her body all over!”

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