SCORE November 2007: 50 Photos of Deborah Blue

SCORE November 2007: 50 Pics of Deborah Blue

“Have I worn this shirt at home in Germany? No yet,” answered Deborah, an amateur discovery whose sheer tit-power destroys almost any of the pro adult models in Europe. “I’ve thought about it but then I guess it is much likewise sexy to wear in public, no? You see, I wanted to keep it as a keepsake of my modeling in SCORE and Voluptuous magazines. Since I was a gal, I am always approached by studs for my phone number or email address or to go out immediately for drinks or a meal cuz, you know, German fellows are very, very aggressive. When I was in London to model for The SCORE Group, the British studs were not so fast. So I know how they would act at home if they saw me wearing this T-shirt. I would need a bodyguard!” One more question for Deborah was if she planned to keep modeling. “I wouldn’t say no if I was asked again, I suppose. I’m not a adult model for a living. I have a job. What I indeed urge to do is to get married and initiate a family. I just must identify the right woman chaser who will stay a faithful hubby and share my interests and plans. He doesn’t have to be a German woman chaser…just the right man.” We’re sure Deborah will make a valuable wife. Just view those bazookas. If there was ever a reason, make that two, to come home at night, here she is.

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