SCORE November 2007: 50 Photos of Darby

SCORE November 2007: 50 Pics of Darby

Darby’s breasty handbag matches her revealing wardrobe. Any lad would be cheerful to hang with her. Darby still lives in Vegas, party central. “There’s no place like Las Vegas,” Darby says. “A JACOB can be what she wants to be, anytime of the day or night. Vegas people don’t criticize other people’s lifestyles. That is why exhibitionists and party people move here in the 1st place. I receive tons of attention without having to suit sexy but I like to in any case.” Darby knows what that babe likes and what boys like. “Guys say they like my fun bags supreme. I I feel the foremost features of my body are my bosoms and legs. I like tit-fucking; my boobies are not this large for no thing. If I’m having sex and that dude is not playing with my mangos, then I will. My much loved sex position is soever potty, freaky position we can get into. Quickies are great coz u can receive larger amount fucking in one night or day. What satisfies me finest is to see someone in real ecstasy when they are inside me.”

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