SCORE May 2008: 100 Photos of Melissa Mandlikova

SCORE May 2008: 100 Pictures of Melissa Mandlikova

Melissa appeared in the first movie of SCOREtv. She’s well-qualified for the Bosoms in Tight Tops show presented by SCORE Ladies man Brandt during a stay in Melissa’s country. Not counting the SCORE tee she was wearing at the starting of the segment, Melissa put on, modeled and took off 3 breast-hugging tops, not counting the SCORE tee she was wearing at the beginning of the segment. There is smth about a glamorous goddess putting on and adjusting form-fitting blouses that is the highest treat of all for a breast-man. No thing compares to this sight. Not even hardcore, we dare say. Melissa said that babe doesn’t costume hawt outdoors. This babe is the bashful type in public and doesn’t expose her chest. Too bad for the tit-men of Prague. In this glamour photoshoot, Melissa again wears the kind of top this babe would not wear in the street or in school. But she will…for the Boob Brotherhood. Can you imagine sitting next to her class? Who the hell could concentrate? It would be castigation…of the most pleasurable kind imaginable.

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