SCORE May 2007: 60 Photos of Karen Fisher

SCORE May 2007: 60 Pictures of Karen Fisher

You can trust your car to the playgirl who wears a large beneath garment. This gent is gonna receive the greatest servicing in his life from Big-Tit Tune Up mechanic Karen Fisher. (Is the modeling business slow or smth?) The hell with the car. We mean a tongue-lashing lube job guaranteed for six months. “I do not actually have a much loved sex position,” says Karen, a SCORE regular since 2002. “I like them all. When I am doing a video, I like the poses in which I’m comfortable and can really relish the sex, like reverse cowgirl.” What about the size of the cam-shaft? “I know all women say this,” replies Karen, “but for me, it’s true. If you are ridiculously dunky, yes, it matters, but once you’re up to a certain size, it doesn’t matter. Some boys have really large ones and they still don’t know what they’re doing. Experience and knowing what to do with it counts greater amount than size.” Previously, we watched Karen as she watched herself on video banging another guy. What did this babe think of it? “I’ve started to view a scarcely any of my scenes but I was like, ‘This is just also atypical.’ I observe my layouts but to watch the movie scene is unusual.” You’ll acquire used to it, Karen!


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