SCORE May 2007: 60 Photos of Cynthia Romero

SCORE May 2007: 60 Pics of Cynthia Romero

“This is my apartment in Paraguay,” says Cynthia Romero. (Our Spanish classes have come in handy.) “I am a first-year student so I can merely afford smth simple, but it is comfortable, and I like having my own place to live. I live in the town of Asuncion, which is the capital, so there’s always much to do at night, like dancing or having a late meal, ” Cynthia told. “I live a normal life. I read books and study. I shop and cook, I spend time on the PC. I like to check out the soaps on TV. SCORE modeling is my other life. I receive the magazines I am in from USA when they are printed. I read some letters from readers complaining that I don’t show my cunt. I am sorry, but that is likewise personal for me. But I understand that it is the nature of a lady-killer in any country to always desire bigger quantity and not at any time be gratified. So I hope at least my bumpers please them. It’s very difficult to find SCORE magazine in Paraguay so my life is fairly anonymous. So one says, ‘there goes Cynthia, the photo adult model.’ I love most of all it like that. At home, I am just Cynthia.”


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