SCORE May 2007: 40 Photos of Jessie Lee

SCORE May 2007: 40 Photos of Jessie LESTER

“I like a stud who knows how to take control in bed,” Jessie says. “I’m a very wild gal, and I need to be kept beneath control.” Jessie PETER is a waitress in the port town of Lubeck, Germany. This babe is into singing and American rock ‘n’ roll. “In a lot of ways, I am a modern goddess because I receive on by myself, but in the bedroom, I’m an old-fashioned SAM ‘cuz I like when a charmer is fine at dominating things. I think I am a inactive gal. I do not mean I am idle, like tired I mean I am glad when a buck takes over. If I’m attracted to him physically, he can do what that buck craves to do as lengthy as this chab treats me worthy and makes me feel happy. The guy is the king.”


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