SCORE March 2008: 80 Photos of Tera Cox

SCORE March 2008: 80 Fotos of Tera Cox

If Tera had done nothing more than flaunt her incredible body, 36 F cups and lovely cunt, that would have been sufficient. But seeing her boffing is so ravishing and sexy a sight, we couldn’t at all take it for granted, ever. “I’m open-minded and I’ve always been open to new experiences,” Tera says. “Now I can say to myself that I have done it. Sexy is not necessarily how u look. From all the mail I’ve read about me, I am happy everybody thinks I come off sexy in my photos and movie scenes. I mean, we’re adult models. We wanna look great. On the Net u watch plenty of very amateur looking pics. No make-up, positions that make cuties look fat or sloppy, insulting language. All of the angels I’ve been with at SCORE (Gianna, Panther, Sabina and April) are actually great and I loved being with ’em. Gianna and Panther have done a lot but Sabina, April and I were recent at this so it was a learning experience for us. I’m concerned to read letters about this new layout. I indeed gave my all when we did it!”

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