SCORE July 2007: 70 Photos of Amber Diamond

SCORE July 2007: 70 Images of Amber Diamond

The second time around for Amber, her first being December ’05 Voluptuous. A discovery of Taylor Wane, Amber is the elusive sort, which probably makes her pix all the bigger in size quantity peculiar. She fills out that schoolgirl sweetheart outfit! CARLOS from
Chicago Heights, Illinois writes, “I have been a faithful browser of SCORE for many years now and with all due respect for all the glamourous hotty’s who have graced your pages, Amber Diamond tops ’em all. This charming female lives up to her name as a living jewel. That babe has the face of a dominatrix and a body a mastix would envy and covet for her own. For appearing in a breast magazine, the 1st quality about her that caught my attention were her glamourous, humongous, warm, expressive eyes. They could melt an iceberg. Next, her downy seductive kissable mouth, that luxuriant blonde mane of hair and that perfect creamy smooth complexion. Her body is a living Venus de Milo with those big, sensuous, coral nipples and these fully curved, perfectly formed hips. And all covered by that attractive rose-pink, flower-petal soft skin. If a gorgeous woman is nature’s work of art, then Amber is nature’s masterpiece. I’d love to see more of her in the very near future. She has totally won my heart.”


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