SCORE July 2007: 56 Photos of Bettie Ballhaus

SCORE July 2007: Fifty six Pictures of Bettie Ballhaus

Bettie keeps busy as one of the late night Hawt Sports Quiz hostesses on the German Sports Television call-in reveal D:SF Sportsquiz. (In the States, D:SF would be the equivalent of ESPN, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.) Bettie wears lad shorts, halter tops and high heels and exhorts viewers to call in and try to win cash. The German’s really have their shit together. The ratings need to be going through the roof. We couldn’t understand Bettie’s non-stop, fast-paced presentation, but let us tell you, this chick could host the Christmas brandish at Rockefeller Center and do a great job. That babe could run auctions with her rapid-fire talking. We figure a valuable percentage of the audience is tuning in just to wank to Bettie and the other Sports Quiz beauties. That’s what we would be doing.


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