SCORE July 2007: 50 Photos of Whitney Stevens

SCORE July 2007: Fifty Photos of Whitney Stevens

Whitney may be merely Nineteen years-old but don’t hold that against her. Hold your P-Rod against her instead. Especially against her recent, enchanting billibongs. This babe has bigger in size amount experience taking jock betwixt her scoops than 99.9% of the cuties her age. Whitney is Jewish and her maturer sister Britney Stevens is a porno star. Whitney is on her way to becoming a adult star also. This is Tit-Fuck Tryout time for Whitney. The van has picked her up and that babe is about to be pumped full of jock. The California brunette hair is up against some power-tits. Alexis Silver in this issue is no one to mess with in the Tit-Fucking Federation (TFF). But that’s kewl. Whitney is smoking. She has great ‘tude, a hawt body, a marvelous face, and sufficient body heat to melt Iceland.


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