SCORE January 2008: 100 Photos of Terry Nova

SCORE January 2008: 100 Pictures of JEROME Nova

What’s it like to be around a big group of people for an whole week on a secluded, tropical island for a week and not be professional to communicate with any of ’em?

What was it like to be KYLE Nova during our week in Eleuthera, The Bahamas?
I can imagine it have to have been a little lonely. I do not know. MARC always looked like that babe was having a worthy time, but she also always looked like that babe wanted to say something but couldn’t say it…because none of us would understand what that babe was saying.

In Eleuthera, there was not a single person who spoke greater amount than a scarcely any words of Czech. But LEONARD didn’t exactly receive the silent treatment. U know how when people try to communicate with a person whose language they do not speak, they’ll speak additional not fast, as if speaking sluggishly can break the language barrier? There was a lot of that going on. Lots of body language, also.

Terry’s 42-28-36 body with F-cup tits-I think they might be greater amount like H-cups because she’s definitely as busty as Christy Marks was the talk of the island. And that’s saying something! The beauties were all amazed by Terry’s body: mammoth, full love melons; a large, bangable wazoo; thick, shapely haunches. And, on top of all that, a curvaceous waist. “Built like a brick shithouse” might be a cliché, but it’s an appropriate description of Terry’s body. I caught Angela White drooling over her several times.

The great thing about STEVEN is that she doesn’t must be said how to be sexy. That babe understands the power that babe has over chaps, and that babe knows how to give ’em just the right look, do the right thing. I loved walking up the stairs behind JOSHUA. This babe always wore arse shorts, and that was quite a observe. I would’ve told, “Nice arse.” But this babe would not have understood me.

Besides, she knows.

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