SCORE February 2008: 50 Photos of Claudia KeAloha

SCORE February 2008: Fifty Photos of Claudia KeAloha

It’s a jungle out there and Claudia’s not a swinger, especially in those heels. She’d rather take an elephant to acquire around. Her loincloth prince craves to carry on with Claudia as fast as he can. Sweep Them off their feet is his philosophy. Click here, get off, receive out. His idea of a joy time with Claudia is monkey business, pure and simple. That fellow puts Claudia throughout nearly every shag and cocksucking position in the Kinsey Clinic guidebook previous to her hoses her down with his coconut juice. This apeman knows a hawt number when that ladies man sees one. As far as Claudia’s concerned, she’s bigger amount than glad to service her lord and dom, then go back to redecorating the tree house with the Jungle Depot credit card she took from his pouch. Hotties are the same all over.

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