SCORE February 2008: 40 Photos of Isabella

SCORE February 2008: 40 Pictures of Isabella

Proving that tit-men are alike all over the world no matter their cultural and physical differences, Poland has their fair share of succulent tee-shirts. And if there is a damp tee shirt contest within traveling distance of her town, u can be sure that Isabella will be there to come into it. Isabella is a former Miss Bathing dress Poland winner and she appears to be to love entering those contests. "These things are outside, well, mostly outside, and there are hundred of lads attending and maybe ten cuties," Isabella said. "They always go desirous wild when we get wetted from the hoses. I like ’em. They are joy and I must tease the shit with out the studs. I enjoy those contests and they have admirable prizes also. It can get immodest. So I get to bring my own towels and ram to clean up but I still have to go home and take a hot shower to become clean. Those boys should watch my images in SCORE if they wanna really watch smth good."

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