SCORE Card: 9 Photos of SCORE Card

SCORE Card: 9 Pix of SCORE Card

My name is Robby and I’m 45-years-old. I’d be pleased if you print this photo with my letter. This past St. Patrick’s Day I went to watch Crystal Gunns perform at a exotic dancing club here in Los Angeles. I took a ally of mine, a woman, who’s ambisextrous and wanted to observe a lap dancing club with someone who had gone previous to. I was trying to flaunt her the ropes, so to speak, so we sitting at the rail. The disrobe club was dunky and I figured that we may not receive a rail seat once Crystal got onstage. Crystal Gunns puts on a great show. This babe was dancing with a row of Charms Pops sticking with out her deep cleavage. I pulled a Charms Pop from betwixt her mounds with my teeth and that babe took my friend’s hands, placing ’em on her scones so she could feel them. After this first expose I went to get a Polaroid taken with her. Crystal is a hottie. I said her that I always make sure to read her column and that I execrated the fact that I couldn’t have to Denver for the Boobapalooza she did with Maxi Bra buddies and Colt 45. This babe had nothing but good things to say about the ladies and SCORE. I even got a exotic dance from this glamorous lady. It’s a memory that I will always cherish. My ally enjoyed the 1st display so much that we decided to stay for the second display and it got even better. They put candles out on the stage and that babe did her dance routine. She had poured water over herself to phat herself down. As she sat in advance of me, she took my hand and placed it on her wet hair and then dragged it down her face and over her titties. She then had different people pour hot wax from the candles on her mound, her a-hole and put one candle over her nipp, covering it with sexy wax. Crystal was completely hot and wild. I’d go see her some other time and afresh.-Robby, Glendale, California.


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