SCORE Card: 13 Photos of SCORE Card

SCORE Card: 13 Pictures of SCORE Card

I am the same way when it comes to the big rack. I’m a boob paramour myself. I’m marvelous nice at judging a woman’s marangos by just looking at them dressed if you will. But there is no thing like finding out “The Answer”, the size of those impressive bouncy bosoms. I have gone to stores, video theaters, malls, etc., etc. and viewed some really valuable sets of marangos and always thought, “How large are those?” and, of course, wanting to watch them which is obvious, ha ha. I just recently went to a Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention and was able to see tons of big, impressive boobs clothed up in very admirable costumes. Anywhere from comic book characters to demon-looking sweethearts. And, wow, just wanting to know how big are these things. But, in any case, I just happen to be reading the articles on the web page and thought I would reply to this one since I’m a bra-tagger as well. Keep up the precious work.-D.C.

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