SCORE April 2007: 60 images of Summer Sinn

The doctor is in. Actually in. Like in Sinn. This is what men indeed go to medical school for and study for years. So they can meet stacked honeys in their scrutiny rooms. Now Summer is one of the more accomodating honey bunnys to waltz into Scoreland and certainly enjoys a proper physical. (Special care have to be taken to ensure that the stethoscope is body temperature so that babe doesn’t catch a chest cold.” There is only so much teasing a fellow can handle so the doctor finds himself compelled to put in his meat thermometer down Summer’s mouth for starters. Always the tractable, unrepining patient, Summer knows that hospitals are healthy places to copulate in even though the beds are a little narrow. Unfortunately, no nurses’ aides stumbled in on them! Truly Summer is at the doc’s cuz this babe has a chest cold and she needs some medicinal cum fondelled on her boobs.

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