Score: 14:43 Minute Video of Sana Fey

Score: 14:43 Minute Movie scene of Sana Fey

“It’s kind of a matter of joke, the way I started exotic dancing,” Sana Fey said SCORE. “I saw
an classified ad in the paper and decided to give it a try. In San Diego, we’ve a lot
of laws. We need to wear tights to go on stage. I had no idea of what I was
supposed to wear. The 1st bar I worked in, Pacers, the manager got me
drunk as everything. I went on stage in an old dark below garment, neon green bathing
suit bottom and darksome nylons. I looked awful. They really took a picture
of me cuz they thought it was so laughable. But, they still hired me, even
though I looked awful. I guess about how much I’ve changed.”

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