Savannah Steele – Savannah Makes Lovely Music

Savannah Makes Sweet Music

Savannah Makes Pleasing Music

“I once had sex with a 21-year-old lad who bought me a gulp at my favorite local bar,” said 44-year-old Savannah Steele. “After 2 drinks and a diminutive in number shots, he started fondelling my leg and worked his way up my skirt, sliding a finger into my succulent vagina. I yelled for the check right then and made him chase me home. We lost all our raiment previous to even making it to the bedroom. We were making out and groping every other and ripping our sexy clothes off in the kitchen, living room and hallway. Once we gotta the bedroom, we had the majority excellent sex ever. One as well as the other of us had multiple orgasms, and he told me that was the finest sex he’d ever had. I’d say it was probably one of my foremost times, also.”

Savannah, who’s a Mamma of two teenagers, isn’t fucking a 21-year-old in this movie. She’s banging a 25-year-old. His name is Rocky, and when the scene opens, that Lothario is sitting on a couch and playing guitar. Not very well, we should point out. Savannah seems turned on. This babe get to not be listening to what this ladies man is playing. She have to be thinking about his dick.

“Why do not u put that down,” Savannah says.

“It doesn’t work very well,” Rocky says.

But his knob does, and Savannah gets what this babe wants: meat-thermometer. And Rocky not playing guitar.

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