Sasha Sean – Sasha and the BBC

Sasha and the BBC

Sasha and the BBC

In this scene, 48-year-old Sasha Sean, a pornstar in the 1980s who’s making her comeback at, sucks and fucks a big, darksome cock.

40SOMETHING: Ever given a oral-service below the table in a restaurant?
SASHA: Yeah. I started jerking him off below the table.

40SOMETHING: Did anybody wonder where you’d gone?
SASHA: No, and if they did, I did not care. But I’ve got a better story. When I was Nineteen, I was courting an 18-year-old charmer, and we went to a nightclub and we were on the dance floor and it was summer, so I had a dunky sundress on, and I unzipped his trousers and pulled his 10-Pounder out on the dance floor and turned around, and we banged on the dance floor in front of all these people. And everybody was love, “No way!” Some people prevented and watched. It wasn’t even a swinger married couples club or a titty bar. It was a regular disrobe club.

40SOMETHING: Did u cum?
SASHA: No, but this petticoat chaser came. He got scared. Men acquire so scared. Why are u chaps so scared all the time? Whenever I wanna pull off to the side of the road and copulate, it is always the stud who says, “What if anybody sees?” Vixens have become so adventurous sexually. The bucks are always hesitant.

40SOMETHING: How old were you when u got into porn the first time?
SASHA: Eighteen. Right after my birthday. I was lap dancing in L.A., and this cutie I worked with in the Valley told, “I’m intend to go do a porno tomorrow.” Her name was Candy Evans. This babe said, “Do you desire to go?” and I told, “I can not do porn.” She told, “No, you can.”

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