Sara Jay Said A Mouthful

Sara Jay Said A Mouthful

Sara Jay Told A Mouthful

Sara Jay is one of the paramount blowjob experts in the big-boobed world. Considering all the many sensational oralists on SCORELAND, that’s high praise.

Sara told SCORE mag editor Dave that lots of boyz don’t even realize that this babe has a tongue piercing until after she’s gone down on ’em. This babe likes the thing in her tongue and she says that rapid, hawt tongue flicking is fine exercise, adore lifting a little barbell.

Sara Jay credits “practice, practice, practice” and all the hands-on training this babe is got from the many men that babe is sucked off.

“You can’t just suck the head,” Sara says, noticing that many cuties, no names please, just dont go all the way down the base of the shaft and merely focus on the first three or so inches. Sara states that that is not right, coz likewise much attention on that area desensitizes the jock and makes it harder for a boy to cum later. Sara should consider teaching classes in advanced ramrod mouthing. Maybe even embark on a national college voyage.

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